Chrissy, Nikki and Jillian  are Massage Therapists at BodyZone. Chrissy can be reached at 609-820-4251, Nikki can be reached at 858-210-1981 and Jillian can be reached at 305-731-0405 to make an appointment. Jillian is also a Licensed Acupuncturist.

Chrissy began schooling for Therapeutic Massage 2 weeks after receiving her first massage.  Over her 17 year career, she owned a wellness center in New Jersey for 13 years.  She is Nationally Certified and currently licensed in FL.  She has also been a Medicupping Specialist for 6 years and holds 25 MT certifications as well as a degree in Dietary Technology. Call or text her directly to set up a massage.

Nikki is a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist and has been striving to improve her clients well being through the healing power of massage for the past 9 years. Each massage is hand tailored based on an initial interview and in the minute feed back to not only meet but exceed your expectations.
She uses an Integrative approach that combines Stretching, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release (Knotted Muscle Releases), Heat and Aromatherapy options to provide a unique massage that incorporates several modalities that leave you feeling at your best.
She is here at the gym on call and has some amazing prices!!! Call or text her directly to set up a massage.

Jillian is our new licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist at BodyZone. She moved here from NY where she worked in the Hamptons and performed orthopedic acupuncture at a physical therapy/integrative medical clinic. As a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, she has focused her work on treating and rehabilitating clients with sports injuries and getting the body back to optimal functioning. She has worked at clinics and resorts around the country as a massage therapist for 15 years. Having had the good fortune to work and live several years at the Omega Institute in NY, she learned valuable insights in holistic studies which she applies to her style. She also incorporates insights from  her yoga teaching and vipassana meditation practice into her modalities. As a Board Certified Chinese herbalist, Jillian uses herbs and nutrition to help bring the body back into balance, and achieve vibrance and health. In her free time she train for triathlons and competitive fitness. She can be reached at 305-731-0405 for appointments.